Easter Bunny….Um, Swan

We had a visitor on Easter Sunday morning (no, it wasn’t a bunny).

Bride swan hadn’t visited in a couple months, so as soon as I saw her, I went to the kitchen for bread. Only to find that we had none. The nearest thing I could find was a partial sleeve of Ritz crackers.  (The cupboards were bare.)

Let it be duly noted that Bride Swan does not care for Ritz crackers. In fact she snubbed her nose beak at them.

I couldn’t help but notice how floofy her wings were.

Knowing that mother swans carry their young (cygnets) on their backs, between their wings, I wondered at first if maybe Bride Swan had a surprise for us.

But Motor Man said she was probably just sporting a new “do” for Easter.

In any case, she was as beautiful in the early morning sun as ever.



25 responses to “Easter Bunny….Um, Swan

  1. A lovely Easter gift – floofy wings! Guess you can cross Ritz crackers off the list of possible snacks for her in the future….I’m sure she appreciated the attempt at providing an Easter snack anyway! She’s such a beautiful creature…………

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. What a lovely visitor she is — and floofy! My new favorite word! Mother Goose has never been described as floofy — maybe I need a new “do” too.

  3. Apparently others were as captivated as I was with your new word – floofy! Love it..and the photos of Bride Swan were, as always, so pretty. She is such a lovely lady – but picky, don’t you think? I mean, who doesn’t love Ritz crackers??!!

  4. love your swan photos today~~ we used to feed a swan on the lake by a cabin we rented in Michigan…they are such persnickety critters!!

  5. I would take a visit from the Easter Swan in a heartbeat! Beautiful!!

  6. awww…she put on her Easter dress. What fun to have her come and visit yesterday.

  7. She is stunning! I understand why you thought she might be carrying her young – she did have her wings up high. Beautiful pictures. You are such a talented photographer!

  8. So funny…cause I loved the use of “floofy” as well ~ will borrow the term, I’m sure! She is soooo white! The swans I’ve met on my walks here, while beautiful, are a touch more beige and have markings…she really is that fairy tale white swan!!

  9. aww. glad she stopped by! even if you had nothing to offer her to her liking!

  10. Could there be a more elegant bird on earth? I don’t think so!

  11. Easter swan is a beauty with her floofy wings! If your cupboards were bare, I am thinking you went out for Easter dinner? 🙂

  12. The fourth picture here is awesome! She looks great with her wings like that …..

  13. She is a most delightful beauty and I am thrilled to see her once again!

  14. Ah, Bride Swan is so very beautiful. Even if she does snub her beak at Ritz, she’s a treasure.

  15. Oh, forgot to mention. – the Easter Bunny didn’t visit here either, but I did spot the Easter…um….groundhog in our yard. And from the looks of him, he ate all the Easter eggs and chocolate bunnies and marshmallow peeps he could find. He was HUGE!

  16. itsallaboutpurple

    oh the light is perfect in these pictures….making her extra beautiful!!

  17. Yes…she was wearing her fluffy Easter bonnet…

  18. She is beautiful, Dianna. What a blessing to get to see her. She was looking fluffy!

  19. Dressed in her Easter best – no less.

  20. SO glad to see her back! It has been a long time!!! Wonder why she and groom aren’t hanging out together anymore….?

  21. Oh my! She is is just stunning…so glad to see her again 🙂 Can’t believe she doesn’t like Ritz Crackers….silly girl.

  22. Truly beautiful and elegant! Maybe she will come back when she has her goslings on her back. That would be something!

  23. Bride Swan makes a great substitute for the Easter Bunny! Definitely more graceful! ~ Sheila

  24. What a lovely elegant Easter visitor. 🙂

  25. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Lovely. What a wonderful Easter gift to you and Motor Man.

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