Sunset Sunday

For Wordless Wednesday of this week, I posted this picture of Bride swan taken Tuesday at sunset.

Today, I thought I’d share more pictures taken that evening. Bride and Groom swans were both here, so there were plenty of photo ops.

Before we get to the swan pictures, this was the sky at sunset.

Groom swan, swimming by, looking handsome.

Both swans are in this picture, although Groom is difficult to see. I thought I’d share it, because the sky is so beautiful.

 When these two are here at sunset, I just keep taking picture after picture.

Until, finally, the sun is almost gone, and the swans tell me it’s time to go back inside.

(If you’re new to These Days and curious about why I refer to the swans as Bride and Groom, this post will explain their nicknames.)


17 responses to “Sunset Sunday

  1. As always, the sunsets are so beautiful, and the swans just add to the majesty of the sky! I had hoped for some good sunsets here in Manassas this weekend, but, no luck. Have a great day!

  2. Beautiful pictures today. Always a good photo op when they are around.

  3. Gorgeous…..the Bride and Groom are perfect photo subjects – not to mention those incredible sunsets and sunrises on the water for them (and you) to see!

    Happy Sunday!
    Pam and Sam

  4. Bride and Groom swan always add to a picture. The sunset is beautiful!

  5. Gorgeous! I wonder about the rarity of the black swan — what an amazing pair they are!

  6. the first photo of the 2 of them together has fabulous water ripples! nice!

  7. How lucky you are! Beautiful pictures.

  8. I love the sky in this set and the graceful swans make the photos even more beautiful!

  9. Another tough choice, but number 3 is the one this time!! The placement of the swans, the clouds, and the ripples … Great one!

  10. The sky is beautiful in the shot you mentioned. Always enjoying seeing the swans grace your post.

  11. I’m with Marshall – Number 3…such a magical photo. There’s so much to see in the sky alone ~ so many colors. So much drama! And I always love the swans!!

  12. These are just so lovely, Dianna! My favorite is also the third one. 🙂

  13. Your water pets! Love the scenery and Bride and Groom! ~ Sheila

  14. Just love that second to last show with the one swan in the background and the silhouette of the other swan in the foreground. Very nifty!

  15. You just can’t beat these models. Gizelle and Iman take a back seat to these two.

  16. Your pictures are beautiful.
    Have a nice evening,

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