Sunset Sunday

Some photos from Tuesday night’s sunset. Early on, it wasn’t too impressive.

I wish there were a way to share the calm of the evening.

Everything is quiet, except for the occasional sounds the swans make, which is impossible to describe. Groom Swan sort of honks, while Bride Swan almost whinnies like a horse.

Oh, and there’s the buzz of a mosquito or two. Or a hundred.

But, barring a case of West Nile,

I’d say it’s worth it.


18 responses to “Sunset Sunday

  1. Oh it’s DEFINITELY worth it! And may I say that while you say you wish you could share the calm….believe me you are…..with your photos. You share that with us visually and it’s something I NEVER get tired of! That last shot is pure magic.

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. It is definitely worth it! I was inside with my family last night, playing a game, and missed the most glorious sunset up here in Manassas…someone showed me their photos after the fact. I am still kicking myself for missing it…your photos are gorgeous, as always!

  3. Oh these are majestic! It must have been gorgeous to experience in real life, but I would say your camera eye does it justice, too.

  4. What every one else already said Dianna! The calm is there and just makes me sigh. I am amazed how much time Bride and Groom Swan spend with you. I know they have some incentive with some munchies but they seem to call your place home. Smart swans! Beautiful Diana.

  5. Gorgeous! What a wonderful place to unwind after a long day.

  6. Bride and Groom swan always add to the sunset!

  7. Gorgeous, just perfect. Love the capture of the swan.

  8. Second to last photo…very neat what the light rays were doing. Love it.
    West Nile virus, ugh. It will mess you up. Keep that repellent handy!

  9. well worth the wait!

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Only God could creature such beauty and only you Dianna can capture it so perfect!

  11. The glassy water speaks to the calm of the evening….so pretty! And this sunset sure does surprise us in the end…spectacular! Kind of like people who are a bit more subtle, but beautiful and surprising in their depth. Love these.

  12. The lovely blue that tints the photos and the peacefulness of the water speak volumes of calm.

  13. The last photo here is amazing! The ‘rays’ from the sunset are so subtle, but the reflections can be seen in the water!

  14. I love the light around bride swan, like she’s right in the spot light.

  15. I love those pics… and I definitely see the quiet of the sunset.

  16. From peaceful to spectacular.

  17. Ahhh so gorgeous and peaceful. 🙂

  18. Oh MY! Sooooo worth the wait!

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