Sunrise Saturday

The sunrise on September 5th.

An interesting v-shaped cloud.

And breakfast moochers guests.


16 responses to “Sunrise Saturday

  1. I know you look forward to those particular breakfast guests!! That is a pretty V-cloud up above pointing the way to the sunrise…..

    Pam (and Sam)

  2. Gorgeous cloud – we have certainly had some pretty clouds lately…and your guests always add a nice touch!

  3. Peaceful sunrise…they’re always beautiful over the rivers!

  4. It looks like a big winged bird flying Dianna! You have such a beautiful view. And look who came for breakfast! Enjoy your Saturday 🙂

  5. That cloud looks like angel wings to me. Just glorious!

  6. almost looks like a bird in flight.

  7. You just have a little piece of heaven every morning.

  8. Thank goodness for a neighbor who gets up with the birds!

  9. The second one here is very interesting: the V shaped cloud and the marsh grass in the foreground are almost on the same angle ! & I thought the swans were dinner-time companions ?? 😉

  10. Beautiful sunrise photos, the colors are crystal clear. Love seeing the swans!

  11. Hi Dianna, I’m Bob. I spotted your blog through a comment you left on Hot Rod Cowgirl’s blog post. I love your part of the country. I moved to Oregon just over 6 years ago from South Carolina. I used to ride my motorcycle with members of the Christian Motorcycle Association chapter in Augusta, GA. One of our organization’s officers was from West Virginia. A half dozen of us used to take a trip once a year to visit his family deep in the mountains. It’s a very poor yet beautiful area of the country. Your photos brought back memories of those days.

    I’ve bookmarked your blog and will stop by now & then to read your posts and say hi. Thanks for blogging. – Bob

  12. Always a treat to see your sunrises because I miss the water that I see in your shots 🙂

  13. Another lovely sunrise. 🙂

  14. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I have been seeing some beautiful clouds here in VA Beach too. They can be very interesting. Love your sunrise as always.

  15. Just now getting caught up on my blog reading since we were at son’s wedding last weekend. This one is beautiful!

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