Barn Charm – 1800’s

Sunday, Motor Man and I went “barnstorming” out in the country. It was a picture perfect day for barn photos.

Motor Man’s sister told me about this one.

She believes this one dates from the early to mid 1800’s. I wish I could share with you the smell of the freshly mown grass in the barnyard.

Apparently, at some point, parts of this barn were painted red.

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18 responses to “Barn Charm – 1800’s

  1. That was a find! Guess the red paint was LONG ago…no sign of it on the outside except under the overhang!

  2. Interesting structure…..looks like an old patchwork quilt! Would have been interesting to know what this looked like back in “the day”……..

    Pam and Sam

  3. I was traveling yesterday here in MI and saw lots of older barns and who did I think of? My pal, Dianna. Next time I’ll take some photos, email them to you and you can share ’em on “Barn Charm,” if you wish.

    🙂 MJ

  4. “Barnstorming” – love that. You may have just coined a phrase.

  5. Old barns are always cool for a lot of reasons. I love old, weathered wood and old structures, regardless of their present status, can tell stories. I’m blessed to live in Oregon where such building abound. I love riding my scooter along back roads to look for “Kodak Moments”.

    I also love photos like yours for backgrounds and textures that I use to frame my photos using Photoshop. I’m always bringing home stone walls, old wooden siding, bales of have or chunks of a beach to add to my collection. I’ll also go out on days with great cloud formations and just shoot skies. They too come in handy in adding a beautiful set of clouds to a blank, blue sky. Thanks for sharing your barn experience.

  6. Gosh…this one has so much charm it’s one I really wish could talk!

  7. The arrangement of vertical and horizontal boards do make it look like a patchwork quilt. Oh my…still standing after all these years, and the roof line looks so straight.

  8. So glad that your sister-in-law knew some brief history of this barn. Wonder how many of our structures will last 2 centuries even in such condition!

  9. Like a lot of barns, it has seen better days. Lots of patching to keep it useable huh?! Very nice you two go for drives and look for barns to photograph. Good memories I’m sure.
    p.s. That looks like fresh cut hay curing…one of my most favorite smells in the world! 😉

  10. It looks like it’s still serving a purpose. It’s got something parked under the roof and it looks like there might be hay stored inside. Not bad for being 200 years old!

  11. Wow, this one could use some tender loving care. Still…hanging in there, doing its job! Like some people I know! Wonderful find! ~ Sheila

  12. i like all the varying doors and windows on this one. 🙂

  13. Another hard worker from days gone by … so many changes over the years; a door here, a door there, maybe seal an opening, maybe open a new one ?? This one was used in many different ways … a great find!!

  14. It looks like only the bones are left! Nice find.

  15. This old barn has seen better days, but still has a certain charm.

  16. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I agree with June that they do not make things as good as I am sure this barn was built.

  17. A real “charmer” back in its day!

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