Sundae: Up Close And Personal

A little over a week ago, Motor Man’s Mom fell and broke her shoulder. She’s recovering  nicely, but Motor Man, his sisters and I have been taking turns staying with them to help out for awhile.

That means we haven’t been at home quite as much with Sundae. Saturday afternoon, we came home for awhile, and I took the opportunity to stretch out on our bed for a little rest.

A few minutes later, I had company.

Sundae decided to plop down right on my chest. I was able to take my cell phone from my pocket to get a few photos: the up-close-and-personal kind.

While Sundae and I were having our little photo shoot, Motor Man was taking a shower. Just as I took this next picture, he dropped the soap. Sundae’s ears are a giveaway that there was an unexpected sound.

I posted the first picture on Facebook, and my neighbor commented that Sundae seemed to have an attitude.

I commented with a correction:  it’s ….CATITUDE.


22 responses to “Sundae: Up Close And Personal

  1. HA HA HA! your blog preview was that first shot and it was very large. I nearly choked on my coffee b/c I felt I was getting the “once-over” by Sundae-girl. Too funny.

    so sorry to hear about MM’s Mom but not surprised you are part of the posse giving care & love to her.


  2. I’m sorry to hear about your m-i-l. As MJ said, I’m not surprised that you are right there helping out.

    Gotta love the cattitude though. It’s nice to see our pets faces up close.

  3. She’s definitely giving you the once-over! You’re right..sure looks to have a CATitude!

  4. I know this has been stressful for you taking care of your Mother-in-law. Sundae seems to be giving you a piece of her mind…I saw this on FB and had to laugh at the “catitude” – definitely describes the look!

  5. So sorry to hear about your MIL’s shoulder. Healing thoughts for a smooth recuperation. awww Sundae is missing you. I think I can almost hear her purring.

  6. So happy your MIL is recovering nicely and not the least surprised all of you are pitching in to help out in the interim! Sundae seems to be mighty glad to have some “Mom-time” over the weekend – no doubt you and MM are VERY missed at the homestead! Great closeups of your most pretty of kitties!

    Pam (and Sammy)

  7. haha! These are so cute. She really seems to be giving you the once over.

    So sorry about your MIL. I hope her recovery continues to go well.

  8. Well Dianna you wanted a cuddly lap cat, I think she has made the transition! Sweet pictures of Sundae. Sorry about your Mom-in-Law and glad she is recovering well. There is a three year old at the shelter that CH and I love but I am worried about our loft. Izzy the cat we had for 4 months fell from the loft and was injured. I am trying to find a way to make it work.

  9. I must admit I had to initially laugh at Sundae’s photos your explanation of the cause now makes sense. Ears back is not a happy expression by a kitty. Thank you so much for posting these so I can now put a face with a name. 🙂

  10. oh, that kitten! glad your mother-in-law will be okay. i’m hoping a shoulder is better than a hip…

  11. Sorry to hear about MM’s mom. I will be praying for her continued healing. Great expressions on Sundae’s face…I don’t think any of us here has any doubt at all what she was trying to communicate with you. 😉

  12. “catitude” EXACTLY! I call that ear formation “The Flying Nun Ears” if you are old enough to remember that show 🙂 They are like Sister Betrille’s hat 🙂

  13. You never know with cats if you’ll be punished or forgiven when you’ve been gone. Looks like you’re forgiven…this time!

  14. My gooseness, she’s such a camera ham!

  15. Mes loves your pictures Sundea! Yous is the epitome of catitude!

  16. 1st pic: ” Where have you been? ”
    2nd : ” Oh, well: I can understand that .. ”
    3rd : ” Now what ?! ”
    Glad you can get some “stretch-out” time now and then; I know y’all have been working hard the past couple … great post !

  17. Those sweet little faces can be so expressive. I think I can read Stormy’s mind sometimes. She definitely has a catitude!

  18. Ha-ha! That catitude is because she’s been missing you so much. I get the same ‘looks’ from our kitty when she jumps up on me after we’ve been gone.

  19. There’s definitely catitude in those eyes! You’d better hope she doesn’t find the number for PETA.

  20. Sundae these pictures are priceless!
    Hope your Mom gets better real soon. I bet your purrs will help enormously!

  21. Sundae is a peach of a comforter and good sweet friend. 🙂
    Sending out healing thoughts and prayers to MM Mom.

  22. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Sundae missed you bunches. Great pics!

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