Daily Archives: November 12, 2012

Thanks, Pop

Many of my fellow bloggers published Veteran’s Day posts yesterday.  I chose to wait until today to publish mine, simply because my readership is typically lower on the weekends than during the week.

Today, my post is in honor of Motor Man’s dad, whom we affectionately call “Pop”.

Pop is a World War II veteran. He and his bride were married in 1942. A couple years later, Pop was finishing boot camp in Texas. His wife was due to give birth to their first child, and Pop was being sent overseas.

When Pop left Texas, he was sent to New York to ship out on the Queen Mary, converted at that time into a troop ship. He managed to stop in Virginia for a day or so  – just long enough to meet his newborn son (who would eventually become my Motor Man).

When Pop returned home from the war, his son was sixteen months old. (Over the next few years, they would add three daughters to the family.)

Pop was an excellent marksman and earned many medals during his service, including the Bronze Star. These days, he doesn’t talk much about his service to our country, other than to relate a few humorous stories, but he proudly wears this WWII cap.

And flies an American flag in their front yard. Every day.

Marshall recently shared with me a quote he had seen: “If you’re reading this, thank a teacher; if you’re reading it in English, thank a veteran.”.

And to that, I’ll add my thanks to everyone currently serving in our military. Where would our country be without you all?