Daily Archives: November 9, 2012

Friday’s Fences – Meet Aggie

En route to the Outer Banks, we pass by a little pasture near Coinjock, North Carolina. And more times than not, there’s a white horse out in the pasture.  I even wrote a post about her back in January, in which I “gave” her a name.

She was there Saturday. So Motor Man pulled over. See the white sign there on the fence? It’s a little typewritten note, asking folks to please not go beyond the gate (for insurance reasons), and it’s signed with a lady’s name and “Aggie”.

I think Aggie is accustomed to folks stopping by to say hello.

Yes, I’d say Aggie is a real people person horse.

Bye, Aggie. I promise on the next trip, I’ll have horse treats.

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