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Barn Charm — Chancellorsville VA

During our trip to the mountains a few weeks ago, I was on high alert for barns and fences, as were Motor Man and Marshall.

One of the first ones we saw was this old beauty in Spotsylvania County, Virginia.

A better shot of the barn itself.

Through a little online research, I learned that the barn was built after the Civil War. It would most likely have been demolished in recent years to make room for a nearby development, but was spared because of its historical significance. The land on which it is located was the site of the Battle of Chancellorsville during the Civil War.

The stone foundation ruins in front of the barn are thought to be those of the Leicht House, which was involved in the war, but that hasn’t been confirmed.

Here’s a view of the other side of the barn. We were there during morning’s golden hour, one of my favorite times of day.

We were able to drive completely around the barn. This is the back, with Virginia fall foliage in the distance.

I also learned that the silo is made of clay tile and is known as an Iowa silo, because it was developed in that state in the early 1900’s. That type silo is unusual for our area of the country; most silos of that time were made of concrete, which was less expensive.

Marshall was also taking pictures that day, and this is his shot of the foundation ruins and nearby field.

As we stood there on that beautiful morning, it was sobering to think of men fighting and dying on that land.

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