Daily Archives: November 15, 2012

Blogging Buddies

When I began blogging just over two years ago, the idea of meeting other bloggers in person was something I didn’t really think about.

I’ve shared posts about my good friend, Pam, whose kitty, Sam, writes One Spoiled Cat, and how we’ve actually gotten together several times in the past few months.

I also met Michelle, who writes Belle Grove Plantation, and introduced her to Bacon’s Castle. The link will take you to a post she wrote about our visit there. (Unfortunately, I think Michelle has had some technical issues with her photos, so only the text is visible at this time.)

Another blogging friend, Patti, at A New Day Dawns, and I have also met for lunch and shopping a couple times. Recently, Patti e-mailed me and asked about us getting together again, this time to include another blogger from our area: Susan, whose blog is titled Coming East.

Yesterday, the three of us met and had lunch at Cracker Barrel in Hampton, and rather than tie up a table after we finished our meal, we drove to a nearby Barnes and Noble.  Our plans were to sit at the cafe there, have hot beverages and chat a little longer.

There was just one small problem: it was still “lunch time”, and there were no vacant tables in the cafe. So we talked as we strolled around the store. Finally, we found vacant seats:  in the children’s section. Susan’s teaching background resurfaced and, while we all chatted, she created.

And did we ever chat?! We talked about our families, our pets, cooking, our travels, where we’d be spending Thanksgiving, and of course, our blogs.

We asked a store employee to take a picture of the three of us.  She hesitantly did so; apparently B & N doesn’t really like photos to be taken in their stores. But since we just wanted a picture of US, that apparently was permissable.

By the way, we did make some purchases at Barnes and Noble, lest you think we just used the building for a place to visit.

A blogging bonus: making new friends. We’re already planning our next get-together.