It was a perfect weekend for a trip to the Outer Banks.  We invited our friends, Wayne and Jimmie to join us. (You met them when I wrote about our trip to see the Gypsy horses a few weeks ago).

I must say the wild horses at the beach were feeling quite frisky this weekend. I’ll be sharing more photos over the next few days, but today, I’ll concentrate on this little incident.

beginning 6-23-2013 7-49-20 AM_Snapseed

Jimmie is much more of a horse person than I am; she’s actually owned horses, not just admired them from afar. But we couldn’t tell if these were two stallions, or a stallion and a mare. They were either having some spirited horseplay or a rather serious disagreement.

This has to be near the top of the list of my favorite wild horse photos.

horse rearing 6-23-2013 7-49-29 AM_Snapseed

“This isn’t over….”

discussing 6-23-2013 7-49-32 AM

When I uploaded my pictures and saw this one, I thought of those gorgeous Friesians.

manes 6-23-2013 7-49-37 AM_Snapseed

And this reminds me of male athletes when they “bump shoulders” (sorry I don’t know the official term for that).

together 6-23-2013 7-49-41 AM_Snapseed

Motor Man had stopped our Jeep quite a distance from the horses.  (I was using a long lens to take the pictures; that’s why the lighting is a bit off.) Suddenly they began running right toward us. I was standing behind the door of the Jeep, so I was protected. When they started our way, we didn’t have time to move from where we were parked.

running 6-23-2013 7-50-37 AM_Snapseed

And then…they were gone.

running3 6-23-2013 7-50-45 AM

But not before putting on quite the show.

22 responses to “Spirited

  1. mollieandalfie

    What stunning photo’s and you are so lucky to see those 🙂 xx00xxx

    Mollie and Alfie

  2. mollieandalfie

    Pe-ess We went out for a lovely drive yesterday, camera in hand..Do you think I could find a barn,,NO..lol XX00XX

  3. Beautiful! Love the way the sun is hitting the horse’s long manes – just catching the tips in gold……what a “show” that was!!


  4. WOW, those are some really stupendous photographs! Beautiful animals for sure!

  5. Doesn’t it feel like these are how they’re supposed to live?
    I think so.


  6. What a fantastic show!! And you always seem to have perfect timing to get such wonderful shots. Thank you for sharing!

  7. Those are some awesome shots and the manes and tails on those horses are glorious! I always like the shots of them moving away from you.. 🙂 Have no idea why. Love the first horse’s leaning in position in the bottom shot! Enjoy your Monday!

  8. The horses kind of look like when my friend’s mare was being bred. The one horse looks like the stallion when he was showing off for the mare. The last horse in your last picture looks like the stallion, because of the way he is holding his tail.

  9. Beautiful pictures! Ellie

  10. Just beautiful.

  11. What a show! You always manage to catch the most exciting and beautiful shots of horses and this time you simply outdid yourself. I think those horses are either very close friends or new lovers.

  12. they really are gorgeous!

  13. I don’t care if the lighting is off – I’m glad you swung your camera up and shot away. Those are awesome pictures and you’re not likely to repeat them, at least for a while.


  14. I could not wait to see thiese pictures after your “teaser” you sent last night. They are even better that I hoped–breathtaking and wonderful!

  15. In taking a second look, they look so much alike; maybe they are brothers just playing on a hot summer day?

  16. What great shots of horse play!

  17. QUITE the show ! An impressive display here – from the horses & the photographer 😉 I know you’ve been trying to get a shot of one reared up for a while now … Can’t wait to see the others!

  18. What a great encounter!!

  19. Delightfully spirited :-)!

  20. Wow, you got witness quite an exhibition! Frisky, that’s for sure!! Can’t wait to see the rest of your photos.

  21. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a wonderful experience you all had. To capture those shots was fantastic Great job Dianna..

  22. That’s known as a “chest bump.” You got some great and unusual shots!

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