Friday’s Fences – The Vermont Trip

As promised, here are pictures of a few fences we saw during our Vermont trip. Amazingly, a couple of them also feature horses.

horses and fence

Maggie Ladd Road, where the Friesians of Majesty farm is located.

snowy maggie ladd rd

Near Townsend, Vermont, not too far from the farm.


And still further along, Motor Man stopped briefly for me to snap this photo. I liked how the snow from the day before was still on the fence rails. Unless that’s an odd camera angle, that black horse has a HUGE head. Does anyone know what breed that might be? (Certainly not a Friesian!)

fence with snow

And finally, a cemetery, also near Townsend. I think there’s a rock/stone fence there, under all that snow.

snowy cemetery gate

Linking up to Friday’s Fences.

fridays fences


24 responses to “Friday’s Fences – The Vermont Trip

  1. Great fences and horses……they really know how to plow a road up there in Vermont! That black horse is VERY “fluffy”….maybe there’s more fluff than horse making his head look large??? 😀


  2. I wonder if the horses eat snow for water? Your header certainly shows them playing in it. Have a lovely weekend. 🙂

  3. What a winter wonderland. Beautiful.

  4. Lovely pictures…hope that’s all the snow I see this winter!

  5. I agree with June! Hope your Vermont photos are all the snow we get to see…gorgeous shots though! I love to look at the snow in photos – but over 5 years living in Northern Michigan completed my need to experience snow firsthand!

  6. I agree with Pam on the fluffy and Linda’s and June’s thoughts about snow! Those fences look very nice with the black horses to show them off.. 🙂

  7. this is a magical collection! that last – with the old stones and that iron gate is my favorite!

  8. Looks like my neck of the woods looked that same weekend. The horses were fun to see, but for some reason, I really liked the cemetery fence photo — quiet and serene.

  9. More great selections! Love the second one !

  10. nice fences. sundae’s gonna get her nose out of joint again. 🙂

  11. Gorgeous images, I love snow, you captured it perfectly! Motor man and my hubs are two from the same mold. Both such kind men, we are lucky girls!

  12. WOW!! The cemetery picture is my favorite, although it makes me cold 😉

  13. I totally love that last shot!

  14. WE did Vermont trip in the fall 4yrs ago…such a beautiful state. Also got to do a tour and see a show at the Breeding home of the famous Frieisian horses…they are so majectic. Nice pics.

  15. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Snow, horses, fences, Vermont, what more could you ask for. Lovely!

  16. I’m going to guess that black horse is some type of draught horse, but it’s hard to tell what kind … Belgian perhaps?


  17. It’s so lovely there! I particularly love that cemetery shot!

  18. I always worry about animals out in the cold and snow. But they look like they’re doing fine…just hanging out, posing for your camera! Great shots! ~ Sheila

  19. So many photo ops there! Love the pictures.

  20. Wow! Beautiful shots! Thanks for sharing. 🙂

  21. Great winter shots, including the horses. And a lovely iron gate, too!

  22. Nice fences, especially at the cemetary. That black horse looks so fluffy.

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