Friday’s Fences – An Open House Bonus

During the holidays, a former classmate of mine hosted an Open House, and Motor Man and I attended.  On their property, off to the side of their home is this old, old house.

old house and fence at wallys

Of course, I headed right over to take pictures.

old house2

Friday’s Fences: you just never know where you’ll find one.

fridays fences

29 responses to “Friday’s Fences – An Open House Bonus

  1. oh my that is incredibly charming!!! Have you seen the new show on HGTV called “Rehab Addict?” you would love it. She restores old homes and preserves their history and character…this photo reminded me of that. Have a great day!

  2. What a find! Love the rustic charm of that old place!

  3. It’s grand that you have your camera at the ready all the time….you never know when a good fence, barn or horse photo op will happen! Great shots…..

    Pam and Sam

  4. Oooo that house looks very interesting! Cute little fence with a sturdy post.

  5. When I see old houses like that I always wonder what their history is, who lived there, why was the house abandoned, etc. There’s always a story there to tell I think.

  6. I love that house. I adore rustic things and that most certainly is. I would have been like you, rushing straight over to it.

  7. What charnming quaint house. Looks like a Kinkaid painting.

  8. What a great scene! Living in the city, I find it hard to find good photo ops. I ned to get out into the country with Patti to find some good pictures.

  9. What a wonderful old house and that remnant of a fence! A great find! So much left to the imagination. Clever girl to have your camera at the ready!.

  10. that’s awesome. love that.

  11. Oh ya….Blogger Bonus if I ever saw one! 😉

  12. It’s a shame someone doesn’t rehab that house….just think of all the family histories within its walls!

  13. I too wonder what stories that old house has to tell. It looks so sad. I hope it had a happy life. Great find.

  14. What fence? Oh .. that one ! The house steals the show..
    Very very old; quite a find !

  15. itsallaboutpurple

    i too had trouble focusing on the fence!! what a rustic, beautiful home!!

  16. I didn’t notice the fence at first. The old house is so quaint. I always have to wonder who lived in them and how many were in the family, etc.
    Have a nice weekend!

  17. Oh what a wonderful old house! Is it safe to go inside? Wouldn’t that make for a splendid photo shoot!

  18. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Full of history and charm, lovely shots.

  19. Oh, how I would love to explore that place! And know its history.

  20. I just love old houses! Terrific pics!

  21. Wow! NICE old place!

  22. The picture is awesome! It’s a really cool old house.

  23. I was so busy looking at the house, I totally missed the fence!

  24. What a beautiful old house. Imagine the stories it could tell.

  25. hi diana….the little one in my post is 6.5 months!! the apple of my eye, she is my only grand niece and i just love her to pieces!!

  26. What a picturesque old place! Probably long past restoration, but wouldn’t it be fun to see it in a restored condition? Thanks for sharing! ~ Sheila

  27. I’m really grateful that you always have your camera with you — I have seen so much of your part of the world. My sons will be moving to Newport News next month so who knows…. I may have the opportunity to visit Virginia sometime in the next two years…

  28. I know that house!

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