The Filly, Jessica

My regular readers (thank you!) know how dear to my heart the wild horses of the Outer Banks are.

Yesterday, my neighbor shared a link on her Facebook page to this post on the Corolla Wild Horse Fund page. And I wanted to share it with all of you:

“We were deeply touched by a request from (I’m withholding his name) of Palm Beach, Fla. to name a wild filly after Jessoca* Rekos who was killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School. We are honored to do so and hope that this spirit horse, running wild and free on the Outer Banks, is of some small comfort to the Rekos Family….”

filly Jessica

Corolla Wild Horse Fund photo

Although we’ve driven out on the beach a few times this winter, we haven’t seen  many horses on any of those trips. Perhaps they spend more time in the thick underbrush during the cold weather. I’m anxiously awaiting springtime, so we can begin seeing them all again.

I can promise you that I’ll be watching especially for the filly, Jessica.

* Text copied and pasted from the Corolla page, including the misspelling of Jessica’s name.

19 responses to “The Filly, Jessica

  1. That is the most beautiful gesture…….brought tears to my eyes. Just wonderful

  2. I know you will be looking and remembering Jessoca all the while. I think you just may find her someday, Dianna. She does have two very distinct markings.

  3. Bless the Corolla Wild Horse Fund for honoring the request to name a wild horse after Jessica…..very sweet and I hope you see the little filly when Spring brings the horses back to the beaches Dianna!


  4. itsallaboutpurple

    oh what a beautiful, wonderful thing to do!!

  5. That;s an extremely thoughtful thing to do. Hope Jessica will find her way into one of your photos when it gets warmer!

  6. A beautiful tribute! I agree with Georgette about finding her with that distinctive white mark! Looks like a small stroke of a paint brush. I am looking forward to seeing her again Dianna.. 🙂

  7. I love the thought of a child’s spirit running free with that horse!

  8. No doubt about it, this is a touching and very special tribute. I hope Jessica’s family find some comfort from this lovely act of kindness.

  9. I knew you would enjoy this. Keep a look out for her and maybe you can get a picture!

  10. what a sweetie. run free, little one.

  11. What a wonderful thing to do!

  12. A grand idea … keep an eye out, and be sure to report if you see her !

  13. Lovely! I sure hope you spot her some day!

  14. That is heart-warming—thanks for sharing :-).

  15. She’s a beauty, what a heart-warming story. I have a feeling you will leave no reed untouched as you search for her.

  16. What a thoughtful and sweet gesture, and what a wonderful story to share. I’ll look forward to photos of this little girl as she grows. ~ Sheila

  17. Awesome. I’m so glad they chose such a beautiful living tribute. People are amazing sometimes. 🙂

  18. What a beautiful story! I hope you get to see the little filly named for Jessica some day.

  19. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a wonderful thing to do.

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