Farewell, Sweet Friend

You may recall that Motor Man and I have dinner every week with two other couples that we met through racing. We’ve done this for well over ten years with very few interruptions.

We’ve shared the ups and downs of life.  Celebrated good things that have happened, supported each other through the not-so-good. We’ve shared jokes, laughed and cried, eaten pizza, spaghetti, subs, and our so-called “Mark salads” and “Colonel’s Pizzas”.

We celebrate birthdays and all the holidays. We’ve become our own little Wednesday night family.


Our “friend family” is included in our “real family” events. This was taken at Motor Man’s parents’ 72nd wedding anniversary party summer. (Motor Man wasn’t really mad: that’s sometimes his camera face….)

a gang

But, last week, that evil, heartless monster that is cancer took a member of our friend family.


Phyllis was a career Army wife. She raised four children while her husband served our country.

She loved cats.

She loved racing. Turn three at our race track won’t be the same on Saturday nights without her.

And when it was cold, she drank hot tea. Or sometimes just hot water, the first person I’d ever met who did so.

She taught me to play Spider Solitaire. And I will always think of her every time I play.

Phyllis loved gardening and birdwatching, and those passions were never more apparent than in the gifts she gave… plants, planters, bird feeders, bird houses and subscriptions to Birds And Blooms magazine.

This was a simple basket that Phyllis planted geraniums and ivy in and gave it to me for my birthday three years ago.  It thrived all summer.

geraniums and ivy 2009 9-14-2009 9-54-37 AM

Last year, this was my birthday gift: a terra cotta watering can with ivy, some type of lily and a succulent. This was also one of Phyllis’s creations.

watering can planter

We’ll miss her. But the gifts she gave, and the memories she left us with, will always keep her close in thought.


36 responses to “Farewell, Sweet Friend

  1. I’m sorry for your loss Dianne. She sounded like she was a fantastic person and friend.

  2. I am so sorry… she sounded like a wonderful woman who will be greatly missed

  3. That’s terrible. Whee are so sorry for your loss. She sounds like an amazing woman, mother, wife and friend.

    Nibbles, Nutty, Buddy & Basil

  4. So sorry for the loss of such a good friend of yours and everyone’s. Her smile says it all in those photos. I know you will miss her.


  5. What a wonderful tribute to a dear friend Dianna. I am so sorry to hear about this. Phyllis’ floral arrangements are absolutely beautiful!

  6. Oh Dianna I am so sorry. Her smile is lovely. She sounds like such a wonderful and funny friend. I am sorry your “friend family” has lost such a longtime dear friend.

  7. So sorry, Dianna. I know you will find comfort in all the memories you created with your “friend family”…

  8. Such a great tribute to a wonderful friend to so many. She will certainly be missed but memories will always be there of our fun times together. Thank you for this lovely blog post.

  9. I am so sorry to hear of your loss. It is never easy to lose someone so wonderful, but their memories will never fade. {{{hugs}}}

  10. very well said, and heartfelt. There is an empty place in all of us now, but the love and memories we shared will be forever with us, and we will forever honor her with those memories. See you soon.

  11. Phyllis will live on in our memories and in our hearts. Although I hadn’t seen her in recent years, I’ve thought of her often and kept her in my prayers.

  12. Dianna, I am so very sorry for your loss. But you have wonderful memories! And I know she will always be in your heart.

  13. I’m so sorry for the loss of your dear friend. Cherish your wonderful memories. They will bring you great comfort.

  14. I’m so sorry, Dianna. Phyllis sounds like a very special lady, I know she will be missed.

  15. Dianna, I’m so sorry for your loss. You know how much I hate cancer, and I’ll think of this lovely lady on the 31st while walking the track at Relay for Life.

  16. Dianna, I know you will remember her always……

  17. i am so very sorry. bless you all in your grief. she was lovely – and giving – and certainly had a wonderful green thumb.

    (my mother used to drink hot water – thanks for the memory…)

  18. Oh Dianna, I am so sorry for your loss. Her friendship was a gift itself and you will cherish your memories of all those wonderful times together, with lovely reminders around you.

  19. I’m so sorry for the family and friends she left behind but her memories will live on through all of you.

  20. What a wonderful tribute to your dear friend Phyllis. Her warm, loving spirit and the closeness of your friendship come through in your photos. My sympathy to you as you grieve. ❤

  21. Oh Dianne, We are sorry for your loss. There is always a hole in our lives when a dear friend passes.

  22. Yes, a wonderful tribute to let everyone know more about Phyllis.. As I said before, she will be missed by many..
    I’ll have to come to Anna’s sometime soon and have a Colonel’s Pizza .. 😉

  23. mollieandalfie

    That’s so sad, can’t say anymore I always get upset when I see these posts..Thinking of you xxxxxxxxxxx

  24. I am so sorry to hear of the loss of a member of your Wednesday night family. What a lovely tribute and beautiful pictures of a radiant person!
    Virtual hugs, my friend.

  25. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Dianna, you,JR & Phyllis’s family are in my thoughts and prayers.Hold on to the wonderful years you all had together.

  26. Aww, this is such a beautiful tribute. Phyllis sounds like an incredible lady. Love her creations, too! Her legacy lives on 🙂

  27. Dianna, I am so sorry. Losing a friend is terrible, but your friendship made the world a better place. Thank you for sharing Phyllis with us — she is a garden angel, I believe…

  28. Sorry for your loss, but happy you have your memories…

  29. I have nominated you for the Super Sweet Blogging Award.
    Go to
    http://countryliving4beginners.wordpress.com/2013/05/21/a-super-sweet-award/ for the rules and regulations! 🙂 ~Dor

  30. I’m so sorry for your loss, and for Phyllis’ family! My prayers are for everyone who feels this hurt to find comfort and peace. Blessings! ~ Sheila

  31. What a lovely friend you treasured. I’m so sorry for your loss. You have wonderful memories and pictures to remember her by and your tribute here to her is so sweet. You were blessed to have such a friend.

  32. I am so sorry for your loss. I hate cancer.

  33. I am so glad you chose to honor her unique gifts to the world in this post; what a lovely smile she had. It’s clear you cared for her very much.

    I’m sorry for your loss but I say thank you for sharing her with all of us.

  34. This is a beautiful tribute to your wonderful and delightful friend. She sounds to have been such fun. I’m so sad that she has passed away. Bless her heart. My prayers and thought are with her family and with you & MM too. (((hugs)))

  35. So much fondness, love and care in your post. A wonderful tribute for sure. I’m so sorry for you, and your ‘family’ – She’ll be with you all on Wednesdays and at that third curve…every time you’re there!

  36. Oh I’m very sorry for your loss. She looks like such a beautiful person in her smile in your photos. Plus she loved cats! So that means she was even extra special. =^.^= I hope your fond memories and her lovely flower arrangements help you with your loss. Bisous Bailey

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