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Barn Charm – Amish Country

You know your supply of barn pictures is low when you have to look back three years to find a Barn Charm photo.

Motor Man and I visited the Amish Country near Lancaster, Pennsylvania in the fall of 2010. This was just before I began blogging, so these pictures certainly weren’t taken with Barn Charm in mind.

So many interesting things in this picture: the pulley-system clothesline, the narrow “windows” on the barn, the tobacco drying inside.

amish laundry2 9-24-2010 6-48-46 AM

It was harvest season, and quite a sight to see the farmers working the fields with their horses, rather than modern farm machinery.

working the fields

Another barn, more tobacco.

amish barn and silo 9-24-2010 4-58-32 AM

There’s no shortage of barns in this area.

three silos 9-24-2010 5-20-45 AM

(I wonder how far back in my files I’ll have to go for next week’s Barn Charm photos…?)

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