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Happy Is The Bride That The Sun Shines On

The date was set over a year ago. September 14, 2013: Brad and Laura’s wedding day. Motor Man and I were honored when they accepted our offer to be married in our yard.

(Brad’s mom and I met in 1978, and have been good friends since then. I wish I could say that we were just children at the time, but that would be stretching the truth quite a bit.)

The weather could not have been more perfect for a wedding.


The flower girl could not have been more adorable…

flower girl

…nor the bride more beautiful.

laura thru arbor

Right on cue, Bride and Groom swans showed up in time for the post-wedding photo op.

with swans

The ring bearer and flower girl stopped for a second in front of our 1932 Ford. I happened to be in the right place at the right time to snap a cute picture.

ring bearer flower girl

The newlyweds’ first dance.

first dance-001

And then the groom’s dance with his mom.

brad bevs dance

Bubbles as a send-off…



bye bye bride

(sigh…. ) I just love a wedding, don’t you?