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Friday’s Fences – And A Wedding Story

This beautiful old home, built in the mid 1700’s, is located a few miles outside of town.

fence and house 9-5-2013 10-47-28 AM

I love the brick columns and weathered white fence.

fence1a 9-5-2013 10-46-39 AM

Several years ago, an elderly friend, who has since passed on, shared a story with me about this house.  I don’t recall the exact year, but I’m thinking around the turn of the century, the homeowner’s daughter’s wedding took place in the home. It was a winter wedding, in December, I believe. And the weather that day was bitterly cold and snowy.

My friend said she was told that there’s a fireplace in nearly every room of this old home, and on that day, there was a fire in every fireplace.

fence2 9-5-2013 10-46-43 AM

My travels don’t take me in this direction often, but when I do pass by this old home, I remember that story and imagine how festive that day must have been.

And I also think of my sweet friend who shared the story.

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