Water Lilies

Saturday, en route to the antique shop, I saw something that I consider unusual in our neck of the woods.

Water lilies. I don’t know that I’ve ever seen them “in person” before.

water lily reflection 9-13-2014 10-19-09 AM

Marshall spotted these last month when he and I were in the area, but we weren’t able to get pictures that day.

These are located in a little pond beside the highway, and Saturday, on my way back from antiquing, there was no traffic behind me. So I stopped and snapped a couple of quick photos.

lily pad 9-13-2014 10-19-06 AM

Just a little info on water lilies: each bloom opens in the morning and closes in the afternoon, and they’re very fragrant. Unfortunately, I was too far away to catch a whiff.

There’s just something magical about those pretty little white flowers floating on water.  Hmmm…wonder if I could corral a little area of the river by our house and plant water lilies…?

~These Days Of Mine~

22 responses to “Water Lilies

  1. I love water lilies……they just float on top of the water and look beautiful – what a nice life that must be!


  2. Gosh them are so pretty. I agree it’s enchanting seeing the innocent white flowers floating atop pond in the wild. You captured them and the reflections wonderfully. 🙂

  3. I smile as you comment “no traffic behind me.” How many photos I’ve missed because there was a car behind me?
    So glad you could capture these. Something tells me they won’t be your last water lily photo. 🙂

  4. I think you found another great little piece of heaven right near you. I love water lilies, too—they are such a pretty sight on the water, aren’t they?

  5. Yes, they are a pleasant surprise. My hubby and I spotted them when we went to visit grandchildren this summer. Glad there was ‘no traffic behind you’ so you could share them with all of us and give a smile today.

  6. Seems like I’m not alone liking water lilies! I think I like them because I so seldom see them.

  7. Beautiful! I love seeing the flowers – they’re so pretty!

  8. I like them spread out over the lake. Wonderful captures.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  9. Olde Towne Photos

    Beautiful. I don’t recall ever seeing them in the wild. I bought some at Smithfield Gardens for my fish pond, but forgot to sanitize them.

  10. They are beautiful, but I have heard they can get to be an invasive nuisance. Sort of like relatives.

  11. Lovely ! Wonder what’s hanging around beneath them 🙂 MJ

  12. They are lovely.. very peaceful this morning. I had no idea they had a fragrance.

  13. I love water lilies. I can take you to a place not far from Roanoke Island where you can see alligators laying on the beds of water lilies!

  14. Water lilies are so fascinating I think. As a child I remember visiting my brother-in-law’s family’s farm and his mom their were water lilies on the pond. I think that was the first time I’d ever seen them.

  15. Whoops! That should read ‘and his mom had water lilies in their pond.’ Whew….mind’s going too fast this morning! 😉

  16. I knew it !
    Glad there was no traffic !

  17. Nice shot of the water lilies. Love the blooms. I agree with Marshall, glad there was no traffic to provide you the opportunity to capture them. Congratulations on four years blogging, forgot to add that to my comment there.

  18. Sometimes those quick stop shots yield lovely results. Your water lilies are beautiful and make a scene that’s worthy of painting.

  19. Beautiful!!

  20. Those is GORGEOUS!!!
    Wes not seen Water lilies in years! And they does smell fantastic!!

  21. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Water lilies are beautiful. I had some a long time ago, forgot what happened to them??

  22. Love water lilies!
    Beautiful photo of them dear Dianna!❤️

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