A Beauty Of Its Own

As you’ve probably heard, autumn arrives this evening at 10:29. It’s been a beautiful summer.

horse in water 9-5-2014 7-52-19 AM

But, this year, autumn seems anxious to share her own beauty.

horses and trees 9-19-2014 7-28-27 AM

“Nature gives to every season a beauty of its own.”
                                                                                                               ~Charles Dickens

~These Days Of Mine~


23 responses to “A Beauty Of Its Own

  1. I agree that Autumn seems anxious to arrive…..and share the gentle and cool breeze that brings the colors of Fall……


  2. Yes, Autumn does seem to be eager to share its delights with us this year. I’ll take it!

  3. We’ve had rains. Each rain seems to push the temps down a little bit more. Acorns and pecans are green. Soon very soon they’ll be falling off the trees.

  4. Nice Dickens quote, Dianna. My asters have just started blooming – always a sure sign.

  5. Stunning photos. My human misses autumn in the uk where leaves turn red and orange, they don’t seem to do that here in Italy. It wasa pawesome summer though!

  6. Aw—lovely pictures as always. Hey–the hubby and I are talking about a few days at Corolla before Thanksgiving…….if we pull the trigger on it I will let you know. I told him I wanted to see the horses thanks to your lovely posts!

  7. I love Autumn but with reservations…after all, winter follows. The Corolla horses will soon grow their winter coats!!

  8. gorgeous! nice full tails on those ponies!

  9. Autumn’s the best… let’s hope it’s a good one this year, too !

  10. I don’t mind Autumn…I just don’t want what comes after it! I’d like 3 seasons!! Please!

  11. Magical photos, especially the first one.

    Mersad Donko Photography

  12. Autumn has always been my favorite season of all. I’m hopeful we have a beautiful palette of colors this year.

  13. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I love Autumn too. Waiting to see lovely colors this year.

  14. Beautiful quote….beautiful photos!

  15. They are beautiful animals. So neat to see them enjoying their own environment. Thanks for not getting tired of sharing them with us. I do not get tired of seeing them.

  16. Love the photos, as always! Fall is my favorite time of year. I wonder how many people say that?! ~ Sheila

  17. Autumn is running in! Love the photos of the ponies! Have a great week!

  18. The horses are beautiful!

  19. I know they need them, but I am going to hate to see the horses get their winter coats. I love that sleek summer look!

  20. Wonderful photos Dianna. I love those peaceful horses and the idyllic background. Just beautiful.

  21. Wonderful shots of the horses on the beach.

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