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Translation, Please

My friend, Donna, recently upgraded to a smart phone.  One of the things she loves about it is the talk-to-text feature.

However, sometimes, the phone misinterprets what she says, The text that I receive then requires either some reading between the lines or some guesswork on my part. Or a reply text from me to her, asking that she translate.

Last Saturday, Donna had gone to visit a mutual friend to help her after her recent move, then unexpectedly stayed overnight.  Donna and I had sent a few texts back and forth, then I received this one from her:

it was fine I was glad to be there happy birthday my teeth 18 hours

Yep, I needed a translation on that one. She meant to say: “It was fine, I was glad to be there. Haven’t brushed my teeth in 18 hours”.

Later that day, Motor Man and I were on our way to Dairy Queen (date night), and since it wasn’t too far from Donna’s house, I texted to invite her to join us. She declined, saying she was already “in for the evening”, so I told her that we’d bring dinner to her.

This was her text in reply:

no need to bring me dinner I ate enough but surely use to sync to muffle ships

Any guesses?

I texted her back that I needed translation, and she immediately phoned me to explain. By that time, I was laughing so hard, I couldn’t talk, and handed the phone to Motor Man.

This is what she actually said: “No need to bring me dinner. I ate enough at Shirley’s to sink two battle ships.”

Donna admitted that sometimes she realizes that the text isn’t at all what she means, but it’s so funny, she sends it along to give me a chuckle.

And she also said she didn’t mind that I shared with my readers. So, stay tuned: I’m probably going to receive more humorous texts in the future. Right, Donna?

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