Daily Archives: April 1, 2015

The Pansy Incident

And, now, your weekly deer report.

These photos were taken Monday evening when Motor Man and I returned home from dinner.  We noticed a few deer out in the yard, but as we came into the driveway, we saw this: three packets of pansies that I hadn’t yet gotten around to planting.

pansies 3-30-2015 7-15-33 PM

Later, I went out to take pictures of the sunset, but something else caught my eye. I squatted down to get a better picture of him.

silhouette 3-30-2015 7-23-32 PM

Then, he spotted me.

deer1 3-30-2015 7-24-00 PM

But he wasn’t too concerned.

deer2 3-30-2015 7-24-14 PM

 He kept grazing and walking closer.

deer3 3-30-2015 7-24-18 PM

And I kept snapping pictures.

deer6 3-30-2015 7-25-21 PM

And neither of us mentioned the pansy incident.

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