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Easter Recap

One of Mama Kat’s Writing Prompts this week is “Easter Recap”.

We spent Easter afternoon at the home of one of Motor Man’s sisters. There was ample food, including this creative “Peep” cake made by one of our nieces. It wasn’t actually made of Peeps, but rather, was a delicious lemon cake.

peep cake 4-5-2015 11-59-40 AM

The weather was beautiful, which enabled the little ones to play outside.  While waiting for time to hunt eggs, other uses for the Easter “buckets” were found.

livy easter bucket 4-5-2015 1-04-27 PM

Finally, it was time for the hunt! Photographers had to be quick to get a picture before the action began.

little ones and easter basket 4-5-2015 1-06-16 PM

Afterward, there were hugs among cousins:

lily christian hugging 4-5-2015 1-01-38 PM

And a little “Happy” time in the bounce house.

No egg-hunting or bounce house for Motor Man and me; we were just spectators, enjoying family and the sunshine.

db jr steps 4-5-2015 1-46-36 PM

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