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Blogging Breaks Are Overrated

Just when you thought I was taking a blogging break, here I am with a new post.

I can’t help it: I love blogging. The only downside happens on those days that I just don’t have anything of interest to say. But when I don’t post, I miss the interaction with my readers.

And just when I needed a little extra encouragement, I received this message Monday evening in an email:

I have so much enjoyed your posts and have forwarded many of them to my sister in Huntsville, Alabama.  She is a naturalist and loves your outdoor photos.  She’s also a horsewoman and loves your horse photos, and a cat-lover as well.  I always read your posts with a big smile on my face, so you can rest assured of the pleasure and interest you bring to other people’s lives. “

This was from a gentleman in Georgia who is researching his genealogy and discovered my blog as a result of that research. (I shared his first contact with me in this Random Five Friday post). He now believes with some certainty that he and I are distantly related, and promises to share his manuscript with me once it’s complete.

Every comment/compliment regarding my posts is much appreciated, whether it’s left here on the blog, on the Facebook link or from those people I see in person.

So, I’m back to blogging after what may be the shortest break in history. But, don’t be concerned if there isn’t a post everyday.


evening's golden hour, taken while on my brief blogging break

evening’s golden hour, taken while on my brief blogging break

A little break now and then can be refreshing.

~These Days Of Mine~