Daily Archives: May 22, 2015

Random Five Friday

Another Friday, so let’s see if I can find some random thoughts.

1. In honor of Memorial Day. I took this picture during a recent sunset; I love the flag flying from the old boat in our side yard.

flag at sunset 4-22-2015 7-11-38 PM

2.) Gypsy was ready for some tummy rubs when I arrived at the shop Monday morning.  It always amazes me when I catch a photo of a kitty tongue in action.

gypsys tongue 5-18-2015 2-50-17 PM

3.) Every sunrise is different. The sun barely found an opening to shine through on this particular morning.

sunrise 5-18-2015 6-13-10 AM

4.) On a recent antiquing trip, I asked the shop owner if I could take  a picture of a vintage photograph. I think you’ll see why. The resemblance to Lily, one of our great nieces, is uncanny.  In fact, I saw Lily’s grandmother last week, and she said she showed the old picture to Lily and asked who it was. Lily replied: “Me”.

lily and lookalike

5.) Wherever your Memorial Day travels take you, I hope have a safe weekend. Motor Man and I are cooking up a little adventure: details next week. May we all remember the true reason for the holiday.

~These Days Of  Mine~