Daily Archives: May 11, 2015

Our Mother’s Day

As expected, yesterday was spent celebrating with family.

We began the day with Marshall joining us for breakfast.  He came bearing garden flags, which I love.

marshall mom flags 5-10-2015 9-59-18 AM

Later in the day, Motor Man and I joined his family to honor his mom. I thought she looked quite festive in her “spring” scarf.

jr with mom 5-10-2015 1-05-31 PM

Sundae gave me a balloon.

sundae's balloon-001

As did Gypsy.

gypsys balloon 5-10-2015 2-36-11 PM

(Both kitties were scared of the balloons, and “bowed up” like Halloween cats, so we had to move the balloons to rooms that we could close off from kitties.)

And Motor Man, in addition to helping the kitties with their balloons (which he vehemently denies), also gave me a sweet card.

db jr 5-10-2015 1-06-18 PM

There were smiles, laughter, and  good food. And we had sunshine.

There were also bittersweet memories of mothers who are gone, those who are childless (not by choice), and children who lost their moms much too early.  And we had rain.

~These Days Of Mine~