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Another Name On The List…

…of bloggers I’ve met in person.

One of the perks of blogging is not only “meeting” fellow bloggers online and following their blogs, but also the opportunity to occasionally meet one in person.

That happened this weekend when Motor Man and I packed a bag and headed west. Our destination was Lexington, where we met Dor, author of the blog, Virginia Views, and her husband, Bill.  First we enjoyed a delicious lunch at The Sheridan Livery Inn.

dor and db 5-2-2015 1-27-08 PM

Following lunch, we strolled through the garden at the Stonewall Jackson House, where we saw this historic version of a scarecrow.

antique scarecrow 5-2-2015 1-34-16 PM

Then Bill headed home to do some “guy chores”, and Motor Man chauferred Dor and me to a couple of huge antique malls, where we spent most of the afternoon.

Later, as we were taking Dor home, she gave us a tour of her beautiful neighborhood. We had a nice visit in their lovely home and enjoyed the amazing view they have of the Blue Ridge Mountains. These mountains are to the east: can you imagine the sunrises….?

db and dor at her house 5-2-2015 4-58-15 PM

I think this is a sweet picture I took of Dor and Bill on their deck.

dor and bill 5-2-2015 4-58-33 PM

We really enjoyed our visit and seeing Dor’s part of Virginia. They gifted us with a “care package” of snacks for our trip: peanuts and homemade ginger snaps (YUM!).

In my next post, I’ll share what other sights Motor Man and I took in while in Lexington.

~These Days Of Mine~