Another Antoine Antic

Yesterday, I spent the afternoon cleaning the garage. It was a perfect day for the job.

As I worked at sweeping, throwing away and  tidying up, I glanced out the garage door window. There was Antoine; apparently he’d been waiting so long for me to notice him, he decided to sit and stay awhile.

antoine garage door

So, of course, I gave him some corn, and went back to my chores.

A little while later, something outside the window caught my eye. And I just had to video it. (There are sound effects.)

I’m not sure if he had a problem with that flag, or thought it was something he could eat. If it hadn’t been on the pole, would he have carried it away? At any rate, it’s now been moved to an area of the yard he doesn’t frequent….at least, not yet.

Oh, and the garage is all clean.

~These Days Of Mine~

10 responses to “Another Antoine Antic

  1. He’s a handsome guy! Maybe he just wanted that flag to wear as a scarf?


  2. That swan is fascinating, Dianne.

  3. What a video – You just never know, do you? He’s gotten so familiar and comfortable at your home.

  4. You’ve definitely got a friend for life!

  5. That swan has decided it is family… your family! It cracks me up that you have a swan hanging around lounging while you clean out the garage!

  6. Ha! He sounds a little perturbed that it isn’t something to eat! I’m envious of your nice clean garage. I haven’t even attempted to get to ours; part of me says why bother when winter and all its dirt and slushy gritty stuff from clearing the roads will be tracked into the garage.

  7. Right at 20-21 seconds, he reminds me of the T-Rex from Jurassic Park; even kinda’ sounds like it !!
    Nice title, by the way ; )

  8. Remember the boys that pulled your hair, the wad of paper thrown and anything they could to get your attention?. That garden flag was the closest thing to a horn for that beautiful bird to get your attention!

  9. I thought he figured out the flag came off the other end–then the shrub caught his attention. Too funny!

  10. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Good job on the garage! Chuck and I both need to work on ours. The video is GREAT! The swam is not only beautiful but smart. That flag was in his way! Too cute.

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