Daily Archives: January 8, 2016

Antoine Returns

Antoine, the swan, has caused me some concern recently. He was here the week before Thanksgiving, then disappeared until last week, when he just showed up again, completely unconcerned that he had caused me to worry.

Yesterday morning, I forgot to look in the side yard for him before I left home. Once I backed out of the garage, I placed a call on my cell phone to Motor Man.  I sat at the end of our driveway during the conversation.  Once finished with the call, I pulled out on the street, glanced in the rear view mirror, and saw Antoine, waddling walking toward me. Perhaps he was planning to follow me to town?

antoine in driveway 1-7-2016 7-55-44 AM

Of course, I made  a u-ieu-ey, u-turn in the cul-de-sac and pulled back in the driveway. Antoine walked along, right beside my car. He knew I was heading back to the garage to feed him breakfast.

antoine following me 1-7-2016 7-56-35 AM

He met me at the side door, feathers all aflutter:

antoine in doorway 1-7-2016 9-16-05 AM

And waited impatiently.

antoine closeup 1-7-2016 9-16-25 AM

This is what happens when I leave the lid off the corn “bucket” for just a few seconds.

I think we seriously need to work on table manners.

~These Days Of Mine~