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Moving 12,000 Pounds

Recently Motor Man sold a crank grinder, a piece of equipment that he no longer uses. Yesterday was moving day.  By the way, the crank grinder weighs 12,000 pounds.

I was at the shop bright and early to document the move in pictures. I couldn’t imagine how you move something that heavy.

But the crane and rigging company hired for the job knew exactly what they were doing.

They used jacks and then chocks to lift the crank grinder off the floor:

crank grinder on chocks 1-12-2016 8-36-05 AM

As Gypsy watched intently through the office window. Exactly who are those strangers in MY building?

gypsy watching 1-12-2016 8-41-42 AM

Then, using a heavy chain and our forklift, they pulled/rolled the crank grinder out of the building. (Yes, that’s an old race car hood hanging on the wall: engine builder shop decor.)

moving 1-12-2016 8-50-43 AM

In less than 45 minutes, it was outside and ready for the crane to load it on a flatbed.

outside 1-12-2016 8-54-38 AM

 That piece of machinery doesn’t look quite as large in the same picture with the crane.

crane1 1-12-2016 10-34-59 AM

Almost there…

loading on flatbed 1-12-2016 10-35-10 AM

And, all secure for the ride to her new home,  there she goes.

gone 1-12-2016 10-49-20 AM

Moving 12,000 pounds was sure easier than I would have thought.  Guess it’s all in knowing how.

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