Daily Archives: January 18, 2016

I Should’ve Listened

Although I didn’t really make any New Year’s resolutions, I did make a decision on January 1 to begin eating healthier and moving more.  A large part of the moving more is walking at least 30 minutes each day and attempting to log 10,000 steps daily.

So far, I’ve made the 10,000 steps every day. And my friend, Bev, and I have been accomplishing the 30 minute walk most days. Last Friday morning, we walked 45 minutes. That afternoon, the weather was so nice, I decided to walk down to the marina to add more steps to my goal of 10,000.  Although we have a good view of the marina, it isn’t accessible from our yard: you have to walk up our street, then down the next street.

As I was leaving our yard, I called Motor Man (at our shop) to let him know where I was going.

While I was out on the walkway/pier, I happened to wonder just how long this little walk would take. I thought about taking my phone from my pocket to see what time I had made the call to Motor Man. Then this little voice said: “If you take your phone out of your pocket, and drop it, it will hit the pier and fall in the river”. 

So what happened?  I took my phone out of my pocket. I dropped it. It hit the pier. And it fell in the river.

Not a recent photo, but the only one I have of the entire walkway. The arrow is where I was when my phone drowned.

Not a recent photo, but the only one I have of the entire walkway. The arrow shows where I was when my phone went overboard

Motor Man was at home when I got back. My first words were: “You won’t believe what I just did”.  But he had a great idea: take my old phone when we went to Verizon and have them activate it until a replacement phone could be shipped to me.  Once there, we filed an insurance claim, they re-activated my old phone, and my new phone is scheduled for delivery today.

Hopefully next time, that little voice will speak a bit louder (or YELL) when giving me such good advice.

~These Days Of Mine~