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Scenes From Jonas’ Visit

Winter storm, Jonas, paid us a visit over the weekend. Thankfully, we were on the outskirts of the storm, so we were spared snowfall measurable in feet rather than inches.

Friday, we had a little snow.  And we had a visitor, looking for handout meal. My niece, Donna, commented that, with feet like that, he definitely doesn’t need snowshoes.


Later that afternoon, the snow turned to sleet/freezing rain. I’m not really sure how to tell the difference. But with the wind and that frozen precipitation, we were just relieved not to lose electricity.

frozen rain 1-22-2016 4-40-22 PM

Before the second round of snow came, we had some mild tidal flooding.  This was taken Saturday morning just a couple of miles from us.

flooding at mr spadys 1-23-2016 11-28-13 AM

There have only been a few times that I can recall our area experiencing anything remotely like a blizzard. And, although we didn’t really have enough snow accumulation to define this storm as a blizzard, Saturday afternoon’s conditions came close.

blizzard 1-23-2016 2-53-53 PM

We were hunkered down inside.

Yesterday morning, Motor Man happened to glance out the window and called for me to come look.  Then came coat, boots and a trudge through the snow to get these pictures.

moonset 1-24-2016 7-10-10 AM

Marshall and I are always interested in the names of the full moons.  The January moon is the “Old Moon”, the “Moon After Yule”, or, appropriately this month, the “Full Snow Moon”.  (The Moon After Jonas just doesn’t have the same ring.)

sunday morning moon 1-24-2016 7-10-13 AM

After seeing news coverage of Jonas, we’re thankful that his visit was brief.  I suppose you could say that he didn’t stay long enough to unpack his bags.

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