Daily Archives: March 25, 2016

Sundae Says: “I’m Glad I’m A Cat”

“You know how it is when you have guests over in the evening, and they stay…and stay….and stay.

sundae1 3-22-2016 8-37-50 AM

And you just get so sleepy, you’re trying to stifle a yawn? (If you’re a human, that’s what happens. If you’re a cat, you just go with the yawn.)

sundae yawn 3-22-2016 8-37-53 AM

When my pawrents’ friend has guests that linger late into the night, he just says to his wife: “Honey, we should be going to bed: these folks might want to leave.”

sundae sleeping 3-23-2016 8-56-28 AM

Sigh…. I’m just glad I’m a cat. Things are so much simpler in our world.

~These Days Of Mine~