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Gotcha, Sundae!

Today, we celebrate five years of having our kitty, Sundae, in our lives. Five years ago, she was a scrawny little thing, crying most of the night because she was in an unfamiliar place.

sundae 4-1-2011 3-01-16 PM

But, she’s changed quite a bit in five years.

sundae 8-24 8-23-2013 7-27-59 AM

She’s become a happy kitty, comfortable in her surroundings and loving her family (although not necessarily loving having her picture taken).

marshall sundae db jr best 6-4-2015 8-08-44 PM

Five years ago, when I researched online about adopting a cat from the humane society that I chose, I found an application to download. I filled out the form and took it with me when I went to look at kitties. One of the volunteers said to me, more than just a little haughtily: “You know you can’t just take a cat home today….you have to be approved.”

While I visited with the kitties and narrowed down my choices, the person in charge came to me and said: “Everything is fine.  Just pick out which kitty you’d like to adopt.”  I wondered how I’d been approved so quickly.

A day or two later, when I took Sundae to our vet for a check-up, the mystery was solved. (On the adoption application form there had been questions regarding previous pets and requiring the name of your vet.) When I arrived there with Sundae, the receptionist said to me: “I told them: GIVE THAT GIRL A CAT!”.  The staff there had come to know us well during the time we had our previous cat, Beezy.  There’s something to be said for good references.

This is a recent photo of Sundae.  And although I don’t think she’s quite as plump as it looks in this picture, she’s definitely not the scrawny baby she was five years ago.


Happy Gotcha Day, sweet Sundae!

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