Daily Archives: March 7, 2016

Beauty After The Storm

Recently, after a particularly cloudy, stormy day, the sun came out. As my mom used to say: “The sun came out in time to set.”  When the sun comes out late in the day, but there are still dark clouds lingering, it’s grab-the-camera-time.

marina 2-25-2016 5-18-36 PM

I love the gold of the marsh grass against the dark blue clouds.

marsh grass and clouds 2-25-2016 5-29-17 PM

For the past few weeks, we’ve had a pair of Canada geese calling our yard home.  Yes, I wish they’d move on to another location.

clouds and geese 2-25-2016 5-18-48 PM

Our weather forecasters say we’ll have several days this week with highs in the 70’s.

clouds 2-25-2016 5-18-22 PM

I feel a severe, wonderful case of spring fever heading this way.

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