Daily Archives: March 11, 2016

Anyone Have A Scratch Pad?

Yesterday, this envelope was delivered to our shop. Note the postmark: February 27.

envelope1a 3-10-2016 12-02-001

Inside was a notice of the results of a routine test that I’d had done recently. (The results were good.) Note the date of the correspondence: January 25.

envelope2a 3-10-2016 12-03-41 PM

But, what makes this interesting (and I noticed this before I ever opened the mail), is this writing on the back of the envelope.


I’m not sure what the recipe is for (I would guess some sort of punch).  I Googled Scarlett’s Cozy Cottage, and found it to be an online shop. And I’m not able to read the word at the bottom: “Funfurri” doesn’t bring up any results online.

Motor Man guesses that an office employee used my envelope for note paper, then put it in her purse and carried it around for a month before discovering it and finally mailing it.

I’m glad the test results were good, and not something that needed my immediate attention.

(Meanwhile, thankfully, I’d  gotten the results electronically from my doctor’s office weeks ago.)

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