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A “Side” Of Memories

As part of my continuing birthday celebration, Motor Man, Marshall and I ate at a local barbecue restaurant Friday evening.  It was Marshall’s first visit there, and Motor Man and I hadn’t been in several years.

Imagine my surprise when, located behind the counter where you place your order, I saw this sign:

mr hamilton sign 6-3-2016 5-24-50 PM

For those of you not from our area, Smithfield is the name of a pork producing business, based here in….Smithfield, Va.  George Hamilton, now deceased, was president of the company for many years. And I was his secretary for five years prior to leaving the company when Marshall was born.

While Marshall and I were ordering our food, Motor Man found a seat at one of the booths.  The restaurant has several vintage record albums as wall decor.  This one was on the wall by our booth.

devil woman album 6-3-2016 5-26-21 PM

Back in the 60’s, Motor Man was at a short-track race in Columbia, South Carolina as the engine builder for one of the cars.  Not only was Marty Robbins a well-known singer, he was also a race car driver. At the Columbia race that weekend, his car was pitted right beside the one with Motor Man’s engine.  Marty wrecked his car in practice, so, since he couldn’t race, he just took out his guitar and began singing for the guys in the pits.

Marshall graciously endured listened to our stories the memorabilia brought to mind.

db jr marshall at bubba and franks 6-3-2016 5-31-21 PM

It was nice to have a side of memories with dinner.

~These Days Of Mine~