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Climb In!

You may recall my post from November of 2013,  Up, Up And Away, where we helped launch a hot air balloon.

Or this post, where the hot air balloon event we recently attended at a local winery had to be cancelled because of wind.

Motor Man and I are in touch quite often with Mark, the owner of the balloon company. I received a message from him last Saturday night, saying that they would be launching early Sunday morning.  He thought I may like to come take pictures. (Now where would he get an idea like that?)

So it was a very early morning for us.  This was taken around 5:30, just as we were heading out the door.

sunrise 6-19-2016 5-23-04 AM

About an hour later, the crew was filling the balloon with air.

filling balloon 6-19-2016 6-27-01 AM

 This is an interesting view from the other end of the balloon.

inside balloon 6-19-2016 6-32-20 AM

Things were definitely heating up.

fire3 6-19-2016 6-35-00 AM

Soon, everyone was in the basket and ready for take off.

ready to ride 6-19-2016 6-38-05 AM

Well….almost.  Just a few seconds later, Mark yelled to Motor Man and me: “Two folks didn’t show up, y’all climb in!”

And that may have been for the best, since I didn’t have time to get nervous.

What an absolutely beautiful morning for a balloon flight.

smfd station bridge windsor castle 6-19-2016 6-47-06 AM

Remember the photo I took last week from the James River Bridge of the recovered helicopter?  In this picture, you can see the bridge (to the far right) where I took the picture.

morning jrb6-19-2016 6-49-38 AM 6-19-2016 6-49-38 AM

We became quick friends with another couple on the flight.  They had misplaced their Go-Pro camera, so Motor Man loaned them ours to use – with a promise that I would send them the images. (Hello? Tech support?)

There was just one small problem with our balloon flight: there was NO wind at all that morning. So our ride, although beautiful, was a short one. I took this of our shadow as we were landing.

shadow1 6-19-2016 7-06-02 AM

It was another fun experience with my Motor Man.

dbjr balloon 6-19-2016 7-31-49 AM

And, yes, I do believe I would do it again.

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