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The Motherlode

Have you noticed the lack of horses in my recent posts? I know: we MUST fix that.  So, today, I’m sharing photos from our trip a couple of weeks ago to the Carova/Corolla area of the Outer Banks.

This time of year, when the wind is from the west, the flies are simply horrible for the wild horses.  To attempt to get relief, the horses head to the ocean.  And the day we went, we saw more horses on the beach than we’ve ever seen before.

Mile after mile, so many horses…

16 horses 5-25-2016 4-00-10 PM

As you can imagine, with that many harems- translated: that many stallions, we saw  more than a few dust-ups along the way.

running2 5-25-2016 4-11-19 PM

We heard talk that those two stallions were having quite the issue that day. Apparently one had stolen a mare from the other. One stallion seemed to take refuge in the water.

horse splash 5-25-2016 4-12-13 PM

We weren’t sure if he was in the water for relief from the flies, the heat or the other stallion, but it made for some interesting photos.

framed 5-25-2016 4-10-45 PM

We don’t recall ever seeing a horse out in the water that far or for that length of time.

splash 5-25-2016 4-08-21 PM

 Needless to say, I took photo, after photo,

splash2 5-25-2016 4-08-37 PM

After photo…

horse in wave 5-25-2016 4-55-53 PM

Some pictures just don’t need captions.

black stallion running 5-25-2016 4-11-22 PM

We lost count, but we estimated we saw 70+ horses on the beach that day.  Yes, it was a motherlode.

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