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Random Five Friday

Two birthdays, two fawns,  a recovered helicopter, horses….all in today’s R5F:

1.) Yesterday was Marshall’s birthday.  For over ten years, we’ve celebrated his birthday every year at a restaurant in the Williamsburg area.  And each year, “my two guys” oblige me by posing for a family picture.

marshall db jr 6-16-2016 9-15-59 AM

2.) Marshall’s isn’t the only birthday this week.  When Gypsy adopted us, the vet estimated her to be about two months old and gave her the birth date of June 15. Nearly every morning, Motor Man sends me a selfie of him and Gypsy.  She doesn’t do this when anyone else is at the shop, but when the two of them are there alone, she demands his attention. Spoiled? Not much.

jr and gypsy

3.) Tuesday morning, a Navy helicopter crashed in the James River, which connects our county to the city of Newport News.  The three crew members weren’t injured and were rescued by a nearby boater.  Wednesday evening, Motor Man and I went to dinner in Newport News.  We just happened to be driving back across the bridge as the barge carrying the recovered helicopter was passing under.

helo on barge2 6-15-2016 5-26-00 PM

4.) A couple of weeks ago, I shared pictures and a video of a newborn fawn in our yard.  Earlier this week, I glanced out and saw that we actually have two fawns. I’m not sure if they’re related, but they’re cute.  I’m hoping they don’t care for SSS.

2 fawns 2 6-15-2016 7-17-57 AM

5.) And now, a sneak peek at one of next week’s posts….horses, the beach, a thunderstorm.

horses running 6-12-2016 6-22-13 PM

Happy weekend!

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