Not The Woman’s Club Garden Tour

Each summer, I publish a post, sharing photos of the flowers in our yard that the deer have allowed me to enjoy. Most of these plants are ones that are somewhat deer resistant. But others have survived due to the nearly constant application of Liquid Stench Fence, sometimes at wee hours of the morning after a night-time rain.

Early in the spring, I planted this old wash tub with petunias, marigolds and a purple Veronica. And added the little wooden birdhouse/welcome stake.

wash tub beginning 6-14-2016 1-20-54 PM

It seems to approve of the location I chose.

after pic washtub 7-19-2016 5-53-17 PM

 Several years ago, I discovered this beautiful little vine called Mezoo (Livingstone Daisy). The deer completely ignore it (YAY!),  it’s easy to grow and has a tiny red bloom at the tip. I planted a variegated geranium with it. This picture was taken about a month ago.

geraniums and mezoo 6-14-2016 1-25-11 PM

And although the lighting is different and it’s been moved to a new location, you can see how much that sweet little vine has grown. I consider it a pretty version of the Addams Family Cousin Itt.

geranium and mezoo2 7-19-2016 5-55-04 PM

We’ve had this garden bench for several years. We bought it new, but I love how it’s aged.  Pink petunias seem happy growing in the watering can, and I couldn’t resist the pillow at Walmart for $5.

bench and petunias 7-19-2016 5-52-26 PM

An idea borrowed from Pinterest: white petunias in a little old galvanized bucket.

old bucket white petunias 7-19-2016 5-52-30 PM

Succulents planted in a colander on an old wooden chair, another Pinterest idea.

succulents 7-19-2016 5-52-49 PM

And, finally, this is my first year planting caladiums. This picture was taken about a month ago.

caladiums before 6-14-2016 1-24-56 PM

And this was yesterday.

caladiums after 7-19-2016 5-55-38 PM

So, some things have survived the deer.  I’ve ordered a new deer repellent that is supposedly water resistant, so it only needs to be applied every few weeks. As soon as it’s delivered, I’m going to test it on either sunflowers, begonias, garden phlox….. all lessons learned in the past. If it works, that will be worthy of a blog post of its own.

~These Days Of Mine~

11 responses to “Not The Woman’s Club Garden Tour

  1. I need to find some of that Livingston Daisy! We are waiting to do major landscaping until next summer but bought 4 plants at the local farmers market that were marked deer resistant. Guess what? 2 are nibbled to the ground despite my application of Liquid Stench. Grrr. I used a different product that I ordered online in Iowa and it seemed to work better so I might have to re order that. The problem is you have to really keep up with applying it and with travel and all that does not happen so I really need plants that won’t be tempting at all to them. When you figure it all out let me know! This morning when I looked out my bedroom door I saw one in each of my standing feeders ..sigh. Your flowers and ideas of pots are very cute! I love them.

  2. I thoroughly enjoyed this virtual tour!! You should do one in fall too. It looks like you will be an expert soon on all plants deer resistant and I predict magazines will be coming to to write articles for them! Loved all your application of old and new.

  3. You have a wonderful talent for plant arrangement and display. All your plants and flowers are gorgeous. You must have a second-sense for knowing what plants thrives when partnered together.
    I’m glad your deer fence works. I hope the new stuff has staying power like it claims. That would be great. I also hope it’s not as aromatic.
    I’ve never heard of a Mezoo. It certainly a lovely plant and looks happy with it’s geranium companion planted.
    I enjoyed sharing your delightful tour of flora and design. 🙂

  4. All of the flowers look beautiful, Dianna. I love the bucket!

  5. Your lovely plants in their cute and clever ‘planters’ reminded me of an old nursery rhyme. So with words changed here goes: “Mistress Dianna quite creative, how does your flower garden grow?” Despite the deer munchers, it grows fabulously I think! 🙂

  6. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Your plants are beautiful and I love the different ways you display them. I agree with Donna you need to share you fall yard with too.

  7. Everything is looking great and happy!
    I’m glad you found something to fend back the deer !

  8. What beautiful plants and creative plantings. I picked up some $5 pillows too – cute! Let us know if the new deer repellant works – I’d buy some too!

  9. Everything is definitely thriving! Your Liquid Stench (!) is working and your eye for beautiful arrangements is wonderful as usual…..good luck with the long-term deer repellent – it’s about time someone came up with that!!!


  10. Clever girl! I love your innovative containers and your before and after success stories. 😊

  11. Love the garden tour. Glad to see everything growing, blooming, etc. Maybe you need an “Unwelcome” sign for the deer, but apparently they can’t read, anyway. The rustic tub, colander, small bucket, and watering can add special character to the garden.

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