A “Bird’s” Eye View

Long ago, I came to the conclusion that my husband should have been born with wings. Although he’s uncomfortable on balconies and the like, he would easily hang out of the window of an airplane if that were possible. He loves air travel.

So, last summer, we went parasailing.

And in the past few weeks, we’ve been up in a hot air balloon.  Twice.

Yesterday, we took a helicopter tour of the Outer Banks, including the Corolla area where “my” wild horses are.  We couldn’t have chosen a more beautiful day for our trip. Our adventure began at the tiny, but busy, airport in Manteo. Coastal Helicopters is the name of the business that operates the flights. We would definitely recommend them if you’re considering doing this.  They have several tours from which to choose.

helo 7-21-2016 11-11-41 AM

At the beginning of our flight, we flew over Jockey’s Ridge, a landmark of the area and the tallest sand dune on the East Coast.

jockeys ridge 7-21-2016 11-20-02 AM

We flew over several shipwrecks.  And, yes, the ocean was really that color.

shipwrecks1 7-21-2016 11-24-36 AM 7-21-2016 11-24-36 AM

And Currituck Lighthouse, located in the village of Corolla.

currituck lighthouse 7-21-2016 11-40-30 AM

I found this to be interesting:  just because we’re so familiar with it, I took this picture of the access to the 4-wheel-drive area of the beach.  After I uploaded it to my computer, I realized that the red wrecker is on its way to retrieve the van, which is obviously stuck in the sand.  There are numerous signs warning folks that the area is limited to 4-wheel drive vehicles only.  (I’m guessing that tow truck driver makes a pretty nice income from folks who don’t see/ignore all those signs.)

4wd entrance 7-21-2016 11-41-19 AM 7-21-2016 11-41-19 AM

“What? Our van isn’t 4-wheel drive?!”

And we saw horses…

pasture best 7-21-2016 11-48-58 AM

Each year, the Corolla Wild Horse Fund,  the organization that manages the herd, does an aerial count by helicopter of the horses.  AND, I learned yesterday that our pilot is the one who flies the director on those missions.  It was easy to see that he had a good eye for spotting the horses.  We even saw one of this year’s little ones with its parents.

horses and baby 7-21-2016 11-43-08 AM

Our friend, Bev, went with us on the tour.  It was her first time ever in a helicopter, and she loved it.   Larry, our pilot, posed with us for a photo when we returned to the airport.

4 of us1 7-21-2016 12-36-05 PM

I can’t help but wonder what adventure my Motor Man is cooking up next….

~These Days Of Mine~

13 responses to “A “Bird’s” Eye View

  1. Oh what fun! I’ve never been in a helicopter either but would like that……I like being in our plane so a helicopter has just GOT to be great too. You had a beautiful day for a flight AND got some gorgeous shots. I love the perspective on things an aerial shot gives you. The shipwrecks are really something! As for “what’s next” ?? With Motor Man involved – it could be ANYTHING! LOL


  2. These pictures are photojournalist worthy Dianna. I am serious. As I mentioned, I was concerned about vibration resulting in fuzzy pictures….these pictures of the horses look like they were set up and taken by tripod! Really, really good! I loved looking at the horses from a different perspective, and extra nice you caught them in a body of water.AND saw a baby too! How fortunate the pilot was a “horse hunter” in his own right! What a marvelous adventure!

  3. WOW!!!! AMAZING shots – shipwrecks, stuck vehicles, Jockey’s Ridge, the lighthouse, and ‘your’ horses. I agree – photojournalist worthy. Thanks for sharing your vantage point with us. I am almost ‘pea-green with envy’. What a wonderful opportunity. I just know Motor Man’s next adventure will be just that – an adventure, and we’ll get to go along through your photos. Thanks for including us!

  4. With a bird’s eye view, you really do get to survey the scene !
    The horses are great !

  5. What great shots! Enjoyed flying with the three of you, keep up the good work with the pics!

  6. Wow! This is incredible, Dianna. I love the lighthouse shot! You should have that made into greeting cards. I’d be your first customer. 🙂 Thanks for sharing!

  7. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    What a amazing adventure! Loved the pictures! I too can not wait to see what JR next adventure will be!!

  8. Sweet! You two have such awesome adventures. Flying around taking pictures sounds like a piece of heaven to me. I love your photos. The horses are amazing from any angle.

  9. How neat! Love the horses and that shipwreck photo!

  10. Love the lighthouse and it is really cool to see the horses from that perspective!

  11. Love, love, loved every single thing you shared here! The photos were awesome! I’ve never been in a helicopter but would love to experience that. Because our son enjoys flying remote-control helicopters, our daughter-in-law gave our son a gift of a helicopter lesson with a chance to do the flying and he loved it.

  12. Wow, what incredible views! I’ve never ridden in a helicopter, but this post makes me want to give it a try.

  13. That’s a great view of Currituck Lighthouse. How nice to see “your” horses from the air. We did a helicopter tour at Myrtle Beach. One of their tours flies all the way to the VA border, if I’m not mistaken. Jockey’s Ridge looks so small from the air!

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