Every Picture…

They say that every picture tells a story, so goodness knows, I have lots of stories stored on my computer. Today, I’m sharing a few that don’t really warrant blog posts of their own.

Motor Man and I were up and at our shop very early a couple of weeks ago. The sun was rising across the street, but how to get a photo with all the buildings, electric lines, etc?   Somehow I managed. (The lamp post is located at the bank across the street from our shop.)

sunrise and lamp post7-12-2016 6-29-43 AM 7-12-2016 6-29-43 AM

I’m not sure what had caught Sundae’s attention outside the living room window one evening last month.  I took this picture just because she was standing on the back of the chair, peering out the window. When I uploaded the photo, I immediately noticed the reflection of her eyes.

sundaes eyes 6-24-2016 9-14-28 PM

A photo from the morning of our hot air balloon ride, obviously, before Motor Man and I climbed in the basket.  We launched from nearby Windsor Castle Park where several old barns are located.  I stepped between a couple of them to get this picture.

balloon and barns 6-19-2016 6-37-01 AM

 Yes, I’m still “at war” with the deer, trying to keep them from munching away on all my plants.  But, it’s a love/hate relationship.  How can you not love this little cutie? (At least when you aren’t actually catching him in the act of eating your plants.)

fawn leaping 6-26-2016 6-26-37 AM

And last but not least, a dramatic sunset from one evening last week.  This story could be titled: “hot and dry with a tease of a storm”.

sunset 7-15-2016 8-13-40 PM

Remember to capture those little “stories” whenever you have the opportunity!

~These Days Of Mine~

11 responses to “Every Picture…

  1. Love Sundae’s “laser eyes” out the window……….and all the other photos tell a story – and make another memory too!


  2. What a a great sampler of your pictures. LOVE the one with the reflection of Sundae ‘ s eyes! The lamppost downtown Smithfield could have been 100 years ago, the baloon was glorious in blazing mega colors bursting between those buildings, and who wouldn’t love a leaping guilty deer! These are just wonderful! Enjoy your week my friend.

  3. I love your random selection of photos. That Sundae is something else, always on the lookout! I think my favorite one is the lamppost. Stunning.

  4. Fabulous photographs, Dianna!

  5. You are definitely a photo journalist of the highest talent. I LOVE all of your photos. They would make lovely notecards, posters, wall art…….Limitless. Thanks for sharing your eye on God’s world.

  6. Love this one ….
    especially the first one ..
    what is it about that lamp post ?? it’s just right …
    & the deer … that no easy shot ..
    Most people will never have the eye for photo ops like these ; )

  7. Great library of story photos. You have a gift for capturing the dramatic, the fun, the mysterious, the joy and the peace of the world in your story photos.
    Sundae and the ghost cat is gorgeous. Oh my goodness what a spooky story could be told from her intriguing photo.
    Your leaping fawn is adorable. What a happy story it looks to be living.

  8. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    I love Sundae’s reflection in the window, All the pictures are great!! You should think about putting a picture book together, dear friend. You take amazing pictures.

  9. Each and every one of these photos tell a great story. You know, every picture is worth a thousand words. You’ve got a treasure here!

  10. You did a great job of getting the sunrise without all the “noise.” Cat’s eyes are amazing. The fawn bounding across the yard is a cute action shot.

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