Sundae Says: We Do Windows

Hello, everyone! Remember me? I don’t get much attention here on These Days, but I’m still around, trying to keep those Motor people in line.

Yesterday, Motor Mommy washed windows. I know that she couldn’t have done it without my help. While she was outside, I was snoopervising from inside – showing her the spots she missed.

gypsy window washer2

 I was also keeping a close eye on her and that ladder.

sundae ladder

When she first started the job,  I was trying to catch the paper towels from inside as she swished them around the windowpane.  She tried to make a video of me doing that, but, of course,  I wouldn’t cooperate.

I do have my dignity to protect.

(Oh, and she did an okay job on the windows.)

~These Days Of Mine~

12 responses to “Sundae Says: We Do Windows

  1. Watch those paws! You’ll smudge mommy’s clean windows.

  2. One job that is not my favorite, and your Sundae makes it entertainment. Awesome! Do you lend her out?

  3. I’m sure she was a big help while cleaning the windows 😀

  4. But did she leave you any nice spiders webs for you to ‘appreciate’?

  5. .. gotta’ make sure the humans do it right !

  6. Keepin’ an eye on Mom – had to be fun for her to have someone outside “her” window to watch instead of a bird, deer or swan!


  7. She is such a good girl!

  8. ~snoopervising ~ I love it. That Sundae girl definitely has a way with words. You’re so lucky to have such a wonderful supervisor. Sundae’s the whole package, smart, beautiful and very snuggly. 🙂

  9. Shirley Matthews Dunn

    Sundae, looks to me like you and your Mom did a good job!

  10. Did Sundae leave a few nose-prints for you? I love when the cats chase the wash/dry cloths!

  11. That’s a side of Sundae we don’t often see–from the outside!

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