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You Are SO Busted

And just WHAT do we have here?


You are SO busted, Missy.

busted 3

My readers probably didn’t notice that little snippet of one of my plants hanging from your mouth.  We can see it better in this close-up.

close up 8-14-2016 5-29-39 PM

Do you really think those sweet little doe eyes are going to save you?

doe eyes 8-14-2016 5-29-50 PM

Well, yeah, you’re probably right.  But as soon as I type the last word of this post, I’m heading outside with Liquid Stench Fence.  Those plants won’t be nearly as tasty the next time you sneak into my flowerbed.

And are you wearing mascara?

~These Days Of Mine~




Making Time For the Horses

In the past week, Motor Man and I have hosted a family reunion, attended a boat race, he’s worked on engines, I’ve been for a doctor’s appointment, visited with two nieces (including one who’s in town from halfway across the country)….and we still found time to (s-q-u-e-e-z-e) in a trip to the Outer Banks to see a few wild horses.

Scenery like this alone would make the trip worthwhile, but, thankfully, we saw a few horses, too.

clouds and dunes 8-11-2016 1-53-07 PM

Although we’ve had temps in the 90’s this week, there has also been some rain, which provided areas of fresh drinking water for the horses.

horse by water 8-11-2016 3-20-06 PM

The picture brings to mind the song “Knee Deep (in the water somewhere)”.

salad bar

And how convenient?  There was a “pick your own” salad bar.

We also saw this group,”chilling” by the ocean on a hot day.

by the ocean 8-7-2016 8-58-27 AM

Motor Man and I keep a pretty busy schedule, but we love those quick getaways to the beach.

~These Days Of Mine~

A Winning Weekend

The annual boat race known as the Hampton Cup Regatta took place this weekend at our “home” course near historic Ft. Monroe in Hampton, Va. It’s one of the oldest boat races in the country, the first one taking place in 1926.

One of my favorite sights at a boat race are the roostertails, the spray of water from the backs of the boats.

roostertails 8-7-2016 4-07-52 PM

Boat races are family events, and friends of ours brought their three granddaughters to Sunday’s race. They made some new friends, and got t-shirts and autographs from David of Black Falcon Racing.  It was the first trip to Hampton for David and his wife, Jodi, who live in Canada.

girls 8-7-2016 3-38-24 PM

I think David has three new fans.

david and girls2 8-7-2016 3-39-34 PM

Motor Man had a couple of engine customers competing in the two -day event. One of those racers,  Doug, had two second-place finishes in the 2.5 stock class, and the other, Todd, won The Eastern Divisional Championship in his 5-litre.

jrdb todd 8-7-2016 3-59-42 PM

Before a win is official, the boat, including the engine, has to pass post-race tech inspection.  Motor Man was nearby for that process.

jr at tech 8-7-2016 7-08-35 PM

The following day, we were all excited to see a picture of Todd’s boat, taken during the race, on the front page of our local paper. We sent Todd back to Canada with several copies to share with his friends and family.

front page daily press

Daily Press photo

Congrats to our customers for races well run…. and to my Motor Man.

~These Days Of Mine~

My First “Good Fences”

Earlier in my blogging career, I often linked up to a blog meme known as “Friday’s Fences”. My long time blogging buddy, Theresa at The Run*around* Ranch is now the host, and the name has been changed to “Good Fences”.  This is my first time participating in Good Fences.

The photo I’m sharing today was taken at the Outer Banks, just as you enter the 4-wheel-drive area of Corolla/Carova beach. This fence serves to keep the horses (and vehicles) from venturing further south. Pelicans often perch here.

pelicans on fence posts 7-18-2016 4-47-08 PM

I’m happy happier when this fence is on my side of the vehicle, because it means we’re driving onto the beach. When it’s on Motor Man’s side, it means we’re leaving the beach….and “my” horses.

~These Days Of Mine~


Our yard has been a busy place recently for things with wings. Just yesterday, I happened to catch a juvenile bluebird enjoying a bath. That blue!

bird 8-1-2016 7-50-38 PM

The butterfly bush just outside our bedroom window is living up to its name. Sometimes I’m fortunate enough to get a picture.

bfly 8-2-2016 4-06-47 PM

We also have a white mandevilla on our deck. Apparently, butterflies are drawn to it, too.

butterfly2 8-2-2016 4-09-35 PM

Such fascinating, beautiful little creatures.

butterfly3 8-2-2016 4-10-46 PM

I leave no trace of wings in the air, but I am glad I have had my flight.”
Rabindranath Tagore

~These Days Of Mine~

Monday Miscellany

Miscellany: there’s a word you don’t get to use often.  But, here are a few random photos I happened to come across on my computer:

One evening last week, as I was outside watering my plants, I glanced up and saw this unusual cloud. Anyone else see a dolphin?

porpoise cloud-001

Saturday, I cleaned out the garage. And I threw away quite a few old, faded flowerpots. The others I took outside, rinsed with the garden hose and placed back in the garage in nice neat stacks.  (And this doesn’t count the ones that are actually in use at this time…) What I’m wondering is just WHO bought all these flowerpots?


Gypsy, our shop kitty, has a scratching post, which she uses regularly. The other day, I glanced over and saw her posing on top of it.  Looking rather regal, wouldn’t you say?

gypsy on scratching post

How’s this for “Bambi eyes”?

bambi eyes 7-29-2016 7-37-59 PM

Saturday night, Motor Man and I went to Dairy Queen for a little date. As we were walking in, I saw this Luna moth (had to text Marshall to i.d. it for me).  It was on an exterior wall only a couple of feet off the ground, and I was afraid a curious child may harm him. So I carefully scooped him up and moved him to a nearby shrub. My friend, Renee, has recently intrigued me with her interest in moths, so I immediately sent her this picture.

luna moth-001

How about your Monday miscellany? Here’s your chance to use that word….

~These Days Of Mine~