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Six Years And Counting

Six years ago tomorrow, I published my first post, entitled “This House Has My Heart“.  From my first thought of beginning a blog, I knew I wanted to write about Bacon’s Castle and its special meaning to my family.

Since then, I’ve written many posts about The Castle. I’ve also shared numerous sunrise and sunset photos, as well as pictures of “my” wild horses on the Outer Banks.  There have been posts about our home kitty, Sundae, our shop kitty, Gypsy, the wildlife in our yard  and of course, my family.

In those six years, I have published more than 1600 posts, with 300,000+ views and nearly 30,000 comments from my readers. I miss those bloggers that I followed (and who followed me) who are no longer blogging. And I miss two very special readers: my late sister, June, and my late cousin, Lona.

I’ve learned that the number of comments on a post isn’t a fair gauge of how many people read it or whether they like it or identify with it. Many times, when I see a friend or acquaintance in person, they’ll mention how they always look forward to my blog posts.

So, even though I sometimes struggle with a blog topic, I try to post on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays.

Motor Man often reminds me how I struggled when I first began blogging, trying to learn the technical aspects of posting, loading pictures, etc.  But he and Marshall are my two biggest “fans”, and both of them are quick to recognize a possible blog topic.

So, whether you’ve been a follower of These Days since the first post, or have discovered it more recently, thank you for reading (and commenting).  Here’s to another six!


photo by my blogging friend, Pam, of One Spoiled Cat

~These Days Of Mine~