Daily Archives: September 14, 2016

June Was Smiling

When my sister, June, passed away a year ago this past summer, we received messages of sympathy from all the folks we’d expect: friends, extended family, June’s former classmates and co-workers.

But her children and I  were surprised to receive emails and Facebook messages from a group of folks that we had never met – nor had June.  She was a member of an online knitting forum, apparently a very close-“knit” group. Many of them mentioned to me in the messages that June had often shared my photos and blog posts with them.

You may recall reading here about Matthew, who is so sweet to use some of my photos as inspiration for his drawings.  Matthew’s mom, Mary, is also a member of that knitting forum.

Following June’s death, one of those from the forum who reached out to me was Angela, who lives in England.  And recently, Angela emailed to say that she would be in my area this month to visit friends. Would I like to meet?  But, of course!

So Monday, Motor Man and I made the half-hour trip to Chesapeake to meet her. Angela was driven by her local friend, Tom, whom we were also happy to meet. (Tom’s wife was busy and not able to join us.) Angela treated us to lunch (thank you!)  and we had a nice visit.


Angela brought me a gift: a sweet little jar of strawberry jam… from … Windsor Castle, which she says isn’t far from where she lives.  (She confided that the queen made it.)


My gift to Angela was a calendar that I had published with my favorite photos from last year.

It meant so much that Angela wanted to meet me during her visit here.  And as we hugged good-bye, I whispered to her that June would be happy.

~These Days Of Mine~