Daily Archives: November 21, 2016

Monday Morning Mews

Hi, there! Hello, furriends! My name is Gypsy, and I’m writing today’s post!  If you’re new here,  allow me tell you a little about me.  I was a tiny stray when Motor Man and Motor Mommy discovered me behind their shop in the summer of 2013.  After doing all they could to make sure I didn’t belong to someone, they took me to the vet to be checked out, then gave me a home in their office I adopted them and quickly became the official greeter at their shop.

Today is my first turn to write a post for Monday Morning Mews, and I’m so excited!

A few weeks ago, Motor Mommy bought a little bag of catnip, just to see what my reaction would be.    At first, I did what kitties usually do when they experience catnip: acting kinda crazy. But, then I remembered that I was a feline and controlled myself.

Then last week, she took the bag out of her drawer and placed it on her desk. I’m afraid I couldn’t help myself.


And then…..I gots a hangover.


And the hangover gots worser.


But never fear, I soon recovered and was my usual lazy composed self once again.


The End.

~These Days Of Mine~