Daily Archives: November 4, 2016

Another Year, Another Calendar Contest

For the fourth consecutive year, I am submitting photos in the 2018 Corolla Wild Horse Fund calendar contest.  I have been so honored to have had photos chosen for the three years that I’ve participated.

Each year, I also hold a little contest here on These Days, offering my readers a chance to select which photo they think may be chosen by the judges to appear in the calendar.   Here are my three that I submitted for this contest:

Picture # 1: This photo was taken on May 25, 2016.  It was the most amazing day  we’ve ever experienced on the Carova beach. The wind was from the west, which, sadly, causes the flies to be horrible for the horses.  To get relief, the horses head for the beach, and we lost count that day after seeing over 70 of them along the water’s edge.  In this picture,  I like that you can see splashes of water from the waves. And the beauty of those sleek black stallions against the blue of the ocean…..


2.) Picture # 2:  this photo was taken the same day as the first picture. As you can imagine, with so many harems down by the water, several of the stallions had little…..disagreements.  They were all resolved rather quickly, but sorting it out involved a little action and quite a bit of whinnying and snorting.


Picture # 3: taken December 26, 2015. I can’t say exactly what it is about this photo that I find so striking: the dark colors of the horses among the otherwise drab background?  The long white blaze of the black horse?


Imagine that you are a judge for the calendar: which photo would you select?

~These Days Of Mine~