Daily Archives: November 7, 2016

The Kitties Have Spoken

I have recently been advised by both Sundae and Gypsy that they feel they are not being adequately recognized on this blog.

So, today is kitty day here on These Days.

Every evening, Sundae and I retire to the recliner where I attempt to read the paper, while Sundae turns and twists and turns and twists and finally curls up in my lap.  I recently snapped this close-up of her during one of her “lap times”.


Meanwhile Gypsy continues to rule the office and wrap all our visitors (and us) around her paw. And she recently discovered the relaxing magic of a kitty brush.


Hopefully, now the kitty egos will be satisfied for awhile. Purrhaps I should plan posts about our fur-babies more often.

~These Days Of Mine~